Natural Skin Care Products 101

Your skin tells a lot about you. Its suppleness, radiance and purity all reveal a deeper quality about your inner being. Unfortunately, this rings to be truer for women in our society as they are constantly strained to regain their attractiveness and youthful look. This pressure often pushes women to look for quick fix solutions provided by synthetic and un-natural skin products.

Fortunately, nowadays things have changed and “natural” is the buzz word and there is no doubt that “natural” skin is receiving more consumer attention than ever before. A consumer today has the luxury to choose from a wide range of skin care products and skin treatments. The downside is that with natural products’ increasing popularity it has also caused many non-natural products to masquerade as natural products, which causes confusion among many consumers as they are not able to distinguish between a real natural product and a false one.

Skin care products have a wide rage of applications – from moisturizing oils to facial hand care. These natural products and their applications are growing day by day because of the rising demand. Some of the skin care products are listed below:

Skin care for pregnant women: The skin of a pregnant woman has to undergo major changes so that it can adjust to the demands of child birth. The increased blood circulation, growing breasts, fluctuating hormone levels and, of course, the expanding belly greatly alters the woman’s skin. Extended and rapid stretching can cause harm to the skins underlying tissue and also leave permanent scars which are called stretch marks. During pregnancy the skin may also suffer dryness, pigmentation and venerable to environmental elements. Selecting the proper skin care product during pregnancy is essential. Natural skin products come in the form of Breast and belly oils, perineum oils, pregnancy body butter and leg comfort oils.

Natural skin care products for anti-aging: Time cannot be turned back but if we can offer our skin the best natural skin nourishment then we certainly can delay the aging process. Nature has provided a wealth of raw materials in the form of plants which contain nurturing and rejuvenating qualities. These raw materials cannot be copied in any laboratory and are far more superior to the synthetic and un-natural skin care products. Anti-aging products include facial cleansing milk, facial tonics, lotions, creams and masks. A good anti-aging formula would bring out the natural beauty of the skin and would cause the skin to repair and rejuvenate.

Baby skin care products: A baby’s skin being delicate, pure and soft requires the products made with the purest and most natural ingredients. Baby products would be made of plant oils and extracts, pure beeswax and wool wax. Wool wax in particular is very suitable to the baby’s skin as it bio chemical composition is very similar to that of the creamy, fatty substance that protects the baby’s skin at birth. It provides good protection from moisture, all the while allowing the skin a lot of air. Baby skin care products would be safe from all kinds of artificial preservatives, chemicals and harsh substances. No wonder natural skin care products are the safest way to stay beautiful!

Child Custody and Visitation: Grandparents Rights to Custody and Visitation

If you ask to your friend or your colleagues, most of them will tell you that grandparents do not have no common law right to see their grandchildren if the parents object. And for the most part, all these people are right in some respects. Interestingly, there is no basis in constitutional law regarding grandparent visitation rights in the United States. However it is interesting to know that grandparents can be entitled to visitation rights with grandchildren in some cases.

In order for a grandparent to obtain such visitation rights, the grandparent may have to present evidence to the court that the absence of visitation rights would be harmful or detrimental to the child’s health and welfare. Considering that that parents have a fundamental right to the care, custody and management of their child, the grandparent generally has to show that there is a sufficient reason for the court to interfere with the parent’s right to for such external interference to be imposed. Therefore it is often difficult to prove such harm to the child. Some courts or judges may also fear that allowing grandparents an external visitation right could be harmful to the parental authority. It could also create intergenerational disputes which could be even more detrimental to the child and/or be contrary to the child’s best interest. Therefore, courts often recommend that parent and grandparents reach an agreement out of court.

Under specific circumstances grandparents can be granted custody rights of the child. When one parent is deceased the other surviving parent is typically preferred to obtain the custody of the child if deemed fit. But if both parents are deceased, the courts may decide to award the custody of the child to the grandparents since a blood relative is often preferred to obtain custody. Even in this situation, the grandparent has to present key evidence to the court that the child would be better off if he/she had custody of the child compared to other blood relatives or third parties. The courts can make their decision taking into account the age, health and financial ability of the grandparent to properly support and care for the child.

There are many restrictions and limitations in which the court can order or grant grandparent visitation rights. Additionally, the laws related to grandparent visitation rights are sometimes changing and developing. To learn the latest laws and developments in your area with respect to grandparent rights to child custody and visitation you may want to consult an attorney in your jurisdiction who can advise you legally.

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