The Top 5 Foods to Avoid in Diabetes

In diabetes, we are all aware that if there’s one thing that we should definitely stay away from would be sugary foods. But not all people understand why. Knowing the reason behind these foods you should avoid will definitely help you understand and appreciate the importance of doing it.

Here are the top 5 foods that should be avoided when you are suffering from Diabetes and why you should avoid them.

1. Sweets
It’s not surprise as to why sweets are on the top list but not many are aware that sugary foods happen to contain high amounts if fats and sugar which are definitely not helpful if you are trying to control your blood glucose levels. You may still eat your favorite sweets but be sure to eat them at much smaller serving this time and if possible, look for alternatives of sugar if you are cooking. Foods such as canned juice, syrup, cookies, honey, ice cream and pastries should be avoided.

2. Foods High in Fat
As much as possible fried foods should be avoided by a diabetic because when there is a rise in LDL “bad” cholesterol in blood, they may be deposited in the walls of arteries and plaque eventually builds up which exposes a person to heart disease and people who are suffering from diabetes are highly at risk at developing heart diseases so it would be best avoid foods high in fat as they contain LDL. Instead of frying your foods, find ways to cook them by baking, sauté or boiling.

3. Alcohol
People who do not have any disease are already advised to take in minimal amounts of alcohol, how much more for those with diabetes? The reason why alcohol should be avoided is because our pancreas has two very crucial roles in the body which are to remove toxins and regulate blood sugar when too much glucose in the blood happens. So when a diabetic drinks, his or her pancreas might not be able to regulate the blood sugar levels because it is busy removing the toxins from drinking.

4. Salty Foods
Salt actually causes blood pressure to rise and as mentioned earlier, a diabetic has a higher risk of developing heart and even kidney disease. Instead of using salt to add flavoring why not use herbs and spices instead.

5. Processed or Preserved Foods
It is really advisable that a diabetic learns to take to time to read food labels when out shopping for foods especially those that are processed or preserved because these types of food can affect blood sugar levels than those that are not and they happen to be high in sodium content. Instead of buying canned fruits buy the fresh ones and if you need to eat canned foods, be sure to drain out the water it contains and toss in healthy ingredients such as beans or vegetables.