Caveman Diet For Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight Quick With the Paleo Diet?

So, you have tried all the other diets out there and you are tired of the yo-yo effects of drastically diets that limit you as far as what you can eat (you can only eat cabbage so long, right?) and want to find something that will not only help you lose weight but also help you keep it off permanently. I want to introduce you to the paleo diet. And while the diet does limit you to specific things that you can eat the caveman diet if perfect for those who are willing to give up certain foods while allowing them to eat as much of the “right” foods for the diet.

Understand that this diet plan should be looked on as a lifestyle diet as many of the benefits go far beyond simply losing a few pounds. In reality, if you go on this diet, you can expect to lose about a pound or more a day if you are obese and a little less if you are simply overweight. I can personally confirm this as I managed to drop nearly 25 pounds in just a little over a month and a half (and I was barely overweight according to the body mass index).

So what does the paleo diet entail? In essence, it is a lot like the leviticus diet in which you have to cut all sugars and grains from diet. The caveman diet uses the philosophy that us humans were naturally evolved to eat a diet that consisted more of our hunter gatherer days than an agricultural diet; which we have eaten as a species for only a little over 10,000 years.

Unlike the leviticus diet, this diet also incorporates pretty tight measures in reference to processed foods. To be frank, you aren’t supposed to eat them. In fact, the only things that you can eat are vegetables and fruits that you could eat in its raw state (in other words, peanuts and potatoes are out…) and animal protein. As far as sugar is concerned the only thing that is acceptable is once again what it found in nature; honey and fruits.